Mission Planner Important Notes

Mission Planner is designed for experienced pilots who are familiar with autonomous flight. If you are new to DJI drones or autonomous flight, you are strongly recommended to use DJI GO app to get familiar with the basics of autonomous flight.

However, you are advised to read Safety and Usability and Mission Planner FAQ sections to understand how the app works. There are also several precautions below for your reference.

  • Aircraft height (altimeter) may easily vary 15-20m (50-66ft) off the actual height after aircraft flying and heating up several minutes. You are recommended to let IMU warn up properly on the ground especially in cold weather, and set waypoint height minimum 25m (82ft) above any obstacles. Cold IMU calibration trick is NOT recommended which might incur more discrepancy in altimeter reading.

    For example, if there is a tree 30m height and you set the first waypoint to 40m above that tree to maintain a 10m gap and the last waypoint is also set to 40m above the same tree after 10 minutes mission flight. The aircraft might reach the first waypoint well above the tree, but when it reaches the last waypoint 10 minutes later, it might hit the tree due to discrepancy of barometer though the altimeter is still reporting 40m height.

    If you want better accuracy of altimeter, you may consider to hover aircraft about 1 minute to warm up IMU then land it to reset takeoff height back to zero. Afterward, you can start flying mission as usual. If you fly sideways or backward during mission, obstacle avoidance system of Phantom 4 would not help since the sensors are designed for flying forward only.
  • It's recommended to set the last waypoint within visual line-of-sight close to home point and Finish to "RTH" in case of lost control signal during the mission, while aircraft will RTH and auto-land upon completion of mission.
  • For safety reason, you might consider to fly a pre-mission flight with Heading set to RC (and turn off "Auto-Tilt" in Target-WP mission) as a preview to ensure clearing any obstacles. You may control aircraft yaw and gimbal tilting with RC to preview the upcoming mission flight path, and make necessary adjustments. After pre-mission flight, you can switch Heading back to "WP" (and turn "Auto-Tilt" back on in Target-WP mission) for shooting footage.