Screen Recorder

Screen recorder (REC icon located at upper-right corner of the main page) is a new feature of FPV Camera introducing in iOS 9 (ReplayKit framework). It allows you to record most of screen operations within the app. However, Pop-up message windows and related operation cannot be recorded. There might have some compatibility or resources issues on certain iOS devices. 

In order to use screen recorder to record screen operation, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Open FPV Camera and tap REC button (located at upper-right corner of FPV Camera home screen) to turn on screen recorder.
  2. Tap "Record Screen" to start screen recording. It will take a few seconds to initialize screen recorder. You will hear a "ding" sound and REC icon changing to red to indicate screen recording.
  3. Open Mission Planner, Camera, FPV Goggles or Flight Log for normal operation.
  4. After finished operation and back to FPV Camera home screen, tap REC icon again to stop recording.
  5. You may "Cancel", play, share or "Save" the recorded video to camera roll. 

If you have quit/killed the app before save screen recording to camera roll, your screen recorded video will be lost. You are recommended to use screen recorder only if you have sufficient resources iOS devices, such as iPad Air 2/Pro, iPad mini 4 or iPhone 6s/6s+.