Navigation Map

Navigation Map consists of an accurate Google Map (instead of Apple Map in DJI GO/Pilot) framework and indicators of Home, Pilot, Aircraft, Pilot Wand. These indicators are shown on the map all time with auto-zoom and auto-bearing capabilities. This allows pilot having better idea of where are Aircraft and Home/Pilot location on the map.


iPad Navigation Map and FPV live video can be displayed with P-in-P (above) or Side-by-Side (below) layout. Custom Telemetry can be shown in either Horizontal (above) or Vertical (below). 

Display the Pilot point and orientation of iDevice. Location Services is required, and the app needs ALLOW LOCATION ACCESS.  

 When Home point is locked and shown explicitly at correct location on the map, it means you are safe to takeoff.

Aircraft GPS location and orientation on the map.

• Pilot Wand – Helps to maintain pilot’s line-of-sight (LOS) toward Aircraft with different color for current RF signal strength (strong>weak, green>yellow>orange>red). It's available after takeoff if Pilot Wand option enabled.

• Auto-zoom – Navigation Map keeps zooming in/out based on flying distance between Aircraft and Home/Pilot.

• Auto-bearing – The map rotates per iPhone/iPad orientation.

• FPV/Map Toggle – With P-in-P layout, tap the small window to toggle between Navigation Map or FPV live video showing in the main screen.

• Combine Home/Pilot Point: On Wi-Fi only (non-GPS) iPad, Pilot point is usually inaccurate. This option allows you to relocate Pilot point to Home point on the map. It's suggested to enable this option if you are using Wi-Fi only iPad.

• Map Type: Change of different map type (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain). Please make sure you cache the same map type.

• Zoom Level – Adjust the auto-zoom level to ensure Home, Pilot, Phantom indicators fitting well in Navigation Map per your preferred zoom scale.

• Map Transparent – Adjust Navigation Map transparent scale for P-in-P layout.

• Caching Navigation Map If your iDevice doesn’t have internet access during flight, then you may need to cache Google Map in advance for offline use as below.

1. Toggle map view to full map in P-in-P layout with internet access.
2. Make sure you cache the same Map Type (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain) as needed.

3. Zoom in/out and pan the map at required location for caching.

• C2 Button – Allow to toggle between Side-by-Side and 2 views of P-in-P by a single click with both hands staying on remote controller.   

iPhone Navigation Map and FPV live video can be displayed with P-in-P (above) or Side-by-Side (below) layout.