Basic Operation

Basic operations are common in all flight modes including Camera, Mission Planner, FPV Goggles and 3D Model. In general, there are multiple ways to activate/manipulate most of basic operations. Please also refer to Settings for further details.

Power Cycle Startup Procedures

  1. Open FPV Camera app with internet connection to cache map data for offline use, if necessary (optional step, recommended). 
  2. Turn ON Airplane Mode on iPhone/iPad or turn OFF Mobile Data for FPV Camera app. DJI SDK keeps sending significant amount of data back to China when there is an internet connection, which drains more iPhone/iPad battery, network/mobile data and other resources (optional step, recommended).
  3. Turn on aircraft and remote controller with USB cable (or Wi-Fi for P3S/4K) connected to your iPhone/iPad.
  4. Shutdown (double-click home button and swipe out) both DJI GO/GO4 and FPV Camera apps, as well as all other third-party DJI SDK apps.
  5. Open FPV Camera app to prepare takeoff.

Firmware Updates (after July 2017)

If you have updated DJI firmware to the SAME or NEWER than the following versions, you would need DJI GO/GO4 apps to unlock the new altitude/distance limitations with the procedures below.

  • Phantom 4 Advanced (v01.00.0128)
  • Mavic Pro (v01.03.0800)
  • Phantom 4 Pro (v01.04.0602)
  • Inspire 2 (v01.01.0010)
  • Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced (v1.11.20)
  • Phantom 3 Standard (v1.9.20)
  • Phantom 3 4K (v1.6.50)
  • Inspire 1 (v01.11.01.50)
  1. Open the latest DJI GO/GO4 apps with your DJI account signed in after every power cycle. This would unlock the altitude/distance limitations set in the latest firmware. 
  2. Shutdown (double-click home button and swipe out) both DJI GO/GO4 and FPV Camera apps, as well as all other third-party DJI SDK apps.
  3. Open FPV Camera app to prepare takeoff.

iOS 11 Compatibility

  • When you open Mission Planner or 3D Model on some iOS 11 devices, it might take 30 seconds or so to initialize all components. This is likely due to a compatibility issue with iCloud Sync. You may turn OFF iCloud Sync on normal use, and turn it back ON whenever you need to sync missions to iCloud.  
  • If the app doesn't respond for more than 1 minute, you may need to shutdown FPV Camera app and power cycle the iOS device to clear up iCloud components from memory. 

Takeoff & Landing

  • Takeoff: Use joystick CRC to start motors and push throttle stick for taking off.
  • Landing: Keep pulling down throttle stick a few seconds after landing to shut off motors, which is more reliable and safer. 

Notes: FPV Camera app does NOT have takeoff and landing buttons. We believe using joysticks is easier and safer for both takeoff and landing. 

Camera Control

Switch between Video and Photo modes

  • Tap-and-hold Video/Shutter buttons for 3 seconds to toggle between Video/Photo mode.
  • Swipe-right on Video/Shutter buttons.
  • Select Camera Mode in Settings menu
  • Customize C1 button or 5D joystick for toggling Video/Photo Mode

Start/Stop Video Recording

  • Tap Video button to start/stop video recording in Video mode.
  • Press video button on RC to start/stop video recording regardless in Video mode or Photo mode.
  • If Auto Recording option is enabled in Settings | Configuration sub-menu, it starts/stops video recording automatically when turning on/off motor.

Take Photo

  • Tap Shutter button to shoot photos in Photo mode.
  • Press shutter button on RC to shoot photos regardless in Video mode or Photo mode.

Camera Focus

Focus is only available on compatible DJI platforms (such as Mavic, P4P, X4S, X5/X5S).

  • Tap Focus (AF) for focusing at particular area on FPV screen.
  • Center Focus (AF) and Infinity Focus (∞) are available on C1 button and 5D joystick customization mapping. Both can also be configured by Settings | Focus | Auto Focus sub-menu to trigger Center Focus or Infinity Focus upon Start App, Takeoff or Start Mission automatically.
  • Infinity Focus Calibration is a prerequisite in order to active Infinity Focus though you can re-calibrate it at any time you like.
  • Refer to Settings > Camera Settings > Focus section for further details.

Activate Settings menu

  • Swipe-left on FPV screen in Camera mode
  • Long-press C2 button 2 seconds on RC
  • Tap Settings button (gear icon) at lower-right corner in Camera, Mission Planner & 3D Model modes or upper-right corner in FPV Goggles mode
  • Customize C1 button or 5D joystick to Show/Hide Settings Menu
  • Click C2 or tap non-menu area to hide Settings menu

Gesture Control

Gesture is available in Camera mode FPV video live feed area. We minimize using solid buttons in user interface design to maximize screen area. 


Button Customization

  • C2 button on RC is NOT customizable in FPV Camera app and assigned for specific operation on different flight modes.
  • C1 button and 5D joystick can be customized in Settings | Configuration menu for various shortcuts and operations.