FPV Goggles

FPV Goggles brings complete innovative features that every FPV enthusiast will enjoy flying Mavic, Phantom 3/4 and Inspire 1/2. It turns your iPhone to FPV goggles right away with a simple headset (so-called VR headset/glasses, US$10-$50) of your choice. The app converts live video feed to side-by-side format in conjunction with unique Navigation Map and Custom Telemetry. Head Tracking is very immersive to allows you tilting camera based on your head movement and feeling like inside aircraft cockpit. This affordable solution is way better and cheaper than buying DJI HDMI Output Module (US$99 for Phantom 3/4 RC) plus a HDMI goggles (US$200-$700).

Features and Benefits

  • Flying FPV with cinematic experience by a huge 100" screen from 8'-10' depending on your iPhone size and VR headset.
  • Blocking sunlight to enjoy crystal clear iPhone Retina Display.
  • Creative and unique "Touchless UI" allows pilots to control the app without touching screen. There is almost impossible to touch iPhone screen when it's sitting inside the headset.
  • Immersive and flexible Head Tracking controls camera tilting up/down based on your head movement. 
  • Full OSD telemetry, Navigation Map, Custom Telemetry, Settings menu and warning messages are all available in redesigned side-by-side goggles screen layout.
  • Flexible screen adjustment for different size iPhone, headset and pilots' eyes.
  • Toggle iPhone camera (to view surrounding) and FPV live video feed by C2 button on RC.  

Please refer to the following sections for further details.