Mission Planner

Mission Planner is an intelligent ground station with unique Terrain Elevation to program autonomous WAYPOINT, ORBIT and PANORAMA flights based on Google Map for creating superior footage video and panorama shots. You can define maximum 99 waypoints in conjunction with multiple targets of various heights in a comprehensive flight plan. Orbit allows you to plan and shoot POI (Point-Of-Interest) with various height. With aid of powerful Auto-Tilt gimbal control, it always keeps the targets and POI right at the center of your footage even with some very difficult footage. Panorama allows you to program multiple 360° panorama and 360°x180° spherical panorama shots in a single mission.

Autonomous Mission Types with Terrain Elevation:

  • Waypoint
  • Target-WP (Target-Waypoint)
  • Panorama (Photo/video)
  • Pano-WP (Panorama-Waypoint)
  • Orbit

Safety and Usability are key design considerations to help aerial photographers & videographers planning easier, flying safer and shooting better. The unique Auto-Tilt algorithm calculates down to 0.05° precision for silky smooth camera movement to let you shoot like a pro.

Mission Planner is powerful and easy to use. It guides you through the setup of autonomous waypoints flight step-by-step. You can plan your mission anywhere you like without requiring connection to RC or aircraft, then save the mission file on your iOS devices for future use like a document file.  

By default, the main screen shows a Navigation Map and the small window (lower-right corner) shows FPV video feed when connecting to RC and aircraft. You may also toggle the map and FPV by tapping on the small window or clicking C2 button on RC.

Mission Planner is compatible with both iPad and iPhone with flexible user interface. It allows toggling show/hide Mission Panel, as well as small window and telemetry to free up more screen space for mission planning especially for smaller iPhone screen. 


Please refer to the following steps and sections for further details.

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