Goggles Settings

Head Tracking

  • Head Tracking: Toggle On/Off of camera gimbal tilting up/down by head movement. When Head Tracking is enabled, do NOT use RC gimbal dial for camera tilting to avoid conflict. However, it does NOT control your drone due to various safety concerns.
  • Camera Tilt Sensitivity: When Head Tracking is enabled, it adjusts how sensitive to tilt the camera upon head movement. As a human, it's very hard to keep our head steady without any movement. This option sets an idle zone (1° to 5°) for head movement without triggering camera tilting. The larger value, the bigger idle zone is allowed to lower sensitivity.

Screen Adjustment

  • You are recommended to adjust the screen settings while connecting to RC/aircraft on the ground and wearing the goggles with "Touchless UI". It is much easier to optimize the best settings when seeing through the live goggles screen.
  • Brightness: Adjust screen brightness independently in FPV Goggles mode regardless iPhone brightness setting. It's common you usually set your iPhone brightness to fairly high for general purpose, but you don't need that much brightness inside dark goggles compartment.
  • Scaling: Adjust side-by-side screens size for fitting various size iPhone and headsets. The larger scaling, the better resolution you can see through goggles screen.
  • Spacing: Adjust the space between left/right screens for fitting various size iPhone and headsets.
  • Vertical Offset: Adjust up/down of side-by-side screens for fitting various size iPhone and headsets.