Headset Considerations

Different people have different iPhone and eye problems, such as short-sightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism or combination of several. There is really NO "the best" headset for everybody. You may consider the following factors.

  • iPhone Size: Headset requires big enough to fit your iPhone.
  • Aspherical Lens: Due to serious distortion of spherical lens at 4 corners, we suggest to use aspherical lens headset. FPV Goggles is optimized for aspherical lens headset. 
  • Adjustable Focal and Pupil Distance: Different people have different focal and pupil distance in conjunction with different size iPhone. Different people might have different eye problems. Headset is necessary to adjust both focal and pupil distance, as shown below.
  • Fit Your Glasses: If you wear glasses, some headsets allow you wearing glasses fitting the headsets.
  • Magnetic Button: FPV Goggles does NOT require any magnetic button on VR headset, while all the camera controls and settings are done by remote controller with Touchless UI.
  • Heat: Some headsets have closure compartment, and it might cause overheating your iPhone in hot summer.


We have tested a bunch of headsets from US$5 Google cardboard to US$129 Zeiss VR1. We found VR BOX (US$20) is a pretty good option for iPhone 6+ and the app. It fulfills most of the aforementioned considerations. HOMiDO headset (US$80-90) is also a decent choice per feedbacks from FPV Goggles users.


  • iPhone Size: iPhone 6+ fits well in the tray
  • Aspherical Lens: Yes (but hard to expect good quality aspherical lens from $20 headset)
  • Adjustable Focal and Pupil Distance: Yes
  • Fit Your Glasses: Depends on the size of your glasses. It marginally fits my glasses.
  • Heat: Open the camera window helps ventilation to reduce heat.