FPV Goggles Known Issues

  • FPV Goggles is only designed for experienced pilots who are comfortable flying 100% FPV without line of sight (LOS). For safety reason, a spotter (a friend) may help to maintain LOS when flying in goggles mode.
  • You might encounter FPV live video lagging due to overheating of iPhone inside close compartment of VR headset depending on your headset design, ventilation, ambient temperature and wind.
  • Settings menu, Custom Telemetry and Navigation Map are only shown on left screen in order to save CPU/GPU resources and generate less heat. 
  • FPV Goggles split iPhone screen and resolution into half as side-by-side format. If you use 5.5" iPhone 6+/6s+ with 1920x1080, splitting half screen resolution is fairly close to full screen app. If you use 4.7" iPhone 6/6s with 1334x750, you might see pixels on screen after splitting half.
  • FPV Goggles requires to access iPhone camera in order to switch between aircraft camera and iPhone camera by C2 button on RC. If you don't allow accessing iPhone camera, then you may not be able to open it. You may enable the camera in iPhone Settings > Privacy > Camera > FPV Camera for DJI.