Flight Log

Flight Log allows pilots to review their flight records and playback flight path with custom telemetry data right after landing on your iDevice without internet connection. You can backup/restore flights logs, as well as export to CSV file for third-party software (such as DashWare) for further manipulation. 

• FPV Camera DashWare profile (Windows only) http://fpvbooster.com/static/dashware/fpv-camera.zip. You may extract and copy the XML file to Documents\DashWare\DataProfiles folder.

A summary page shows all flight records at a glance sorted by descending order of DATE/TIME. 


It maintains all flight records at a glance with a complete automatic and transparent process WITHOUT any pilot intervention. It starts/stops logging 60+ telemetry data automatically upon start/stop motor, and records real time flight data in the app. Besides logging flight telemetry data (such as distance, height, speed, satellite, latitude/longitude), it also records battery data (such as battery voltage, current, temperature, remaining capacity), RC/HD video signal and more for analysis. You can play/pause, drag the slider for fast forward/backward of flight playback. Telemetry data is shown along with the playback for analysis. 

Playback on iPhone 6+ (above) and iPad (below)

 Please refer to the following sections for further details.