Export All: Export all flight logs to CSV files as backup or use by third-party software (such as DashWare). Exporting each flight log requires about a minute in average. If you have hundreds of flight logs, and it may take hours for exporting. 

If you upgrade from previous version, it might prompt you "Do you want to merge previous flight logs?". If yes, it will export all previous flights logs from separate folder then merge them all together.


The exported CSV files are located in the app Documents/export folder, which can be transferred by iTunes or third-party software (such as iFunbox, iTools).


Import: Import all CSV files located in the app Documents/import folder to Flight Log. You may use iTunes or other third-party software to transfer previous exported CSV files to Documents/import folder. Successful imported CSV file will be deleted from the Documents/import folder automatically. Do NOT change the CSV file name, otherwise, you will not be able to import. 

After importing all CSV files, it would prompt "Database updating..." and "Import Success". 


Deletion: Swipe-left on the flight log you want to delete and tap "Delete" button. It will then prompt (NO/YES) to confirm the deletion.