To start a mission, you may open a saved mission or create a new one from scratch by following a few simple steps.

• Open - Open a previous saved mission file to edit, Review or Fly. Once you select a mission file, it jumps to Review tab and you are ready to Fly a mission. 

• Waypoint - Create a traditional waypoint mission with Heading set to RC in Setup tab. This mission allows you to control aircraft yawing and gimbal tilting manually. You may also set Heading to WP for setting individual waypoint bearing.

• Target-WP - Create a Target-WP (Target Waypoint) mission for shooting one or multiple targets with progressive Auto-Tilt gimbal control. This powerful mission helps you to produce professional look-alike video footage in a single continuous flight plan without too much post-editing.

• Pano-WP - Create a new Pano-WP (Panorama Waypoint) mission for shooting one or multiple panoramas per programmed waypoints and camera tilting angles.

• Panorama - Fly to any location and adjust camera tilting as you like, then let the app shoot required panorama for you.

• Orbit - Create a new Orbit mission to fly around a perfect circle with camera focusing on POI (Point-Of-Interest). Auto-Tilt keeps POI right at the center of your footage even changing orbit radius, height and speed on the fly. 

• Context Sensitive Help - Tap "?" icon would show up a context sensitive help based on current step, if there is internet connection and not flying.

• To delete a mission file, swipe-left on the mission file you want to delete and tap "Delete" button. It will then prompt (No/Yes) to confirm the deletion. If you enable iCloud Sync, deletion will also synchronize to other iOS devices via iCloud.

Mission files are formatted plain text files and located in the app Documents/waypoints folder. You can backup files periodically in case you need to delete/re-install the app. Mission files can be copied/transferred back-and-forth by iTunes or third-party software (such as iFunbox, iTools).

You may also share your mission files with your friends via email in Review tab. If you receive mission files emailed from your friends as email attachment, you may copy/transfer the files to the app Documents/waypoints folder and open the mission as a normal mission file.