FPV Booster Features (iOS & Android)

FPV Booster improves Wi-Fi video/telemetry connection (FPV, First Personal View) performance for DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ (P2V+) and P2V+ V3. It equips with a unique Smart Boost feature to boosts additional 50%-100% FPV range by a single click. We are the inventor of boosting P2V+ FPV performance from an app. It outperforms other booster and utility apps by reducing Wi-Fi interference. FPV Booster works well with DJI VISION app or in conjunction with more sophisticated FPV Camera (available in iOS FPV Booster V3). 

Key Features

• Normal Boost: It works better if you fly alone in wide open area without interference.

• Smart Boost: It keeps scanning and adjusting Wi-Fi signal in real-time to optimize FPV performance during flight. If it determines good Wi-Fi signal when P2V+ flying nearby, it would not turn on the booster until it's necessary to do so. It usually performs better in urban area with some sort of Wi-Fi, cell phones and other interference.

• Change Wi-Fi Channel

• Enable Wi-Fi WPA Password


FPV Booster Operational Procedures

1. Turn on both Phantom 2 Vision+ aircraft and range extender, and connect your iOS/Android device to Phantom_XXXXXX Wi-Fi network as usual.

2. Open FPV Booster app and tap Booster tab (iOS), select Normal or Smart, and tap BOOST button. The app connects to P2V+ aircraft through the Wi-Fi network, Smart Boost loads a software component into P2V+ aircraft's memory on-the-fly temporary. It keeps scanning and adjusting Wi-Fi signal in real-time to boost and optimize FPV performance during flight. It will display a message "Your FPV is boosted. Happy flying!".

3. Open DJI VISION app or FPV Camera for FPV flying. 


• FPV Booster does NOT install any software component onto Vision+ aircraft nor range extender permanently. Every time when you power cycle P2V+, you need to run FPV Booster app to take effect.

• If you modified P2V+ software settings or other incompatible issues, you might get an error "FPV Booster Wi-Fi Channel setting is not compatible with your Vision+". FPV Booster may not be able to change P2V+ Wi-Fi channel.

• FPV Booster is ONLY compatible with DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ (Plus). Running the app on other incompatible platforms (including original Phantom 2 Vision) may encounter unexpected results. 

Test It Working

Fly your Vision+ WITHOUT turning on the booster (as a reference) to your favorite flight path until Wi-Fi video dropped. Fly back your Vision+ and run the FPV Booster app, then fly again the same flight path with the same Preview Quality for apple-to-apple comparison. You may need to fly with higher altitude for longer range in order to maintain line-of-sight. It may out fly your 5.8G control range and trigger Failsafe/RTH. 

If you could not achieve expected FPV result, we are willing to help to identify and/or resolve the issue as there are so many factors affecting FPV range. Please email us the following information for troubleshooting.

1. What platform (iOS/Android) and version (indicated at upper right hand corner) of FPV Booster are you using?

2. What's the current FC200 Camera & NAZA-M firmware version (DJI Vision app > About > Camera and NAZA-M)?

3. Which booster mode (Smart or Normal) do you use?

4. What is the FPV range, Altitude and Preview Quality BEFORE boosted when you think reaching the limit? If the FPV range (before boosted) is significantly shorter than DJI's specification, it might be hardware/software issues of DJI products. FPV Booster is unable to address DJI's hardware/software issues.

5. What is the FPV range, Altitude and Preview Quality AFTER boosted when you think reaching the limit?

6. What message do you see on DJI VISION app, such as “Phantom Connection Broken” or “Control Signal Lost”?

7. Do you fly behind trees, buildings or any obstacle? Are you able to maintain line-of-sight between you and your aircraft? 

Change Wi-Fi Channel

DJI sets all P2V and P2V+ Wi-Fi to channel-1 by default. If you fly nearby any Wi-Fi routers/APs are also on the same channel-1 (such as your home or neighbors Wi-Fi), it may cause interference to impact FPV performance. If you fly multiple P2V or P2V+ with friends together, it's likely to introduce Wi-Fi interference between each others. This Wi-Fi Channel setting allows you changing P2V+ Wi-Fi from channel-1 to channel-11 easily to minimize interference and the channel setting will be saved accordingly. It's recommended to use non-overlap channels if possible, such as 1, 6 and 11.


Enable Wi-Fi WPA Password

Your Phantom_XXXXXX is an open Wi-Fi network without password protection. Any cell phones/tablets within range can connect to your Phantom network and possibly access your P2V+ through the Range Extender. This may incur various security issues similar to your home Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi WPA Password allows you to add/change password and deny unauthorized access to your P2V+. If you forgot the password, you may press the reset button of the Range Extender to clear the password, then rebind Range Extender and the camera to start over again.