FPV Booster FAQ (iOS & Android)

Q1. How can I find FPV Booster for Vision+ in App Store?

You may search "fpv booster" in App Store, or click the link https://itunes.apple.com/app/fpv-booster-for-vision+/id876413138?ls=1&mt=8 on your iPhone or iPad. 

Q2. What is the longest FPV range after boosted with stock P2V+ Wifi setup?

The FPV range is depending on multiple factors, such as Preview Quality, environment RF interference, humidity, etc. The longest range reached by our beta tester is 12,029ft (3,667m) in Taiwan with FPV Booster, standard P2V+ aircraft, standard RE700 range extender and 640x480 15fps Preview Quality. However, your mileage (FPV range) may vary. Fly safe!

Q3. Why do I get "Control Signal Lost" message about the same range even after boosted?

FPV Booster only boosts 2.4G Wi-Fi video/telemetry connection (FPV) while Control Signal Lost is due to RC transmitter 5.8G control link dropped. 

Q4. Why do I get the same Preview Quality (FPV resolution) even after boosted?

FPV resolution is configured by DJI Vision app under Settings | Preview Quality (the highest resolution 640x480). FPV Booster improves 2.4G Wi-Fi signal to allow you using higher Preview Quality for longer range. There is a known issue of using 640x480 30fps on some P2V+ with/without FPV Booster. Many users reported 640x480 15fps is the optimal Preview Quality setting.  

Q5. Does it consume more battery power to shorten flight time or generate extra heat to damage the circuit?

It consumes VERY little extra power and generates NO extra heat per our testing. It's estimated shortening less than 10 seconds of flight time out of 25 minutes. 

Q6. Does it work with other antenna mods?

YES. FPV Booster app works well alone, or in conjunction with other antenna mods on Vision+ aircraft and/or range extender. However, using the booster app is way cheaper and easier than any hardware mod to boost FPV range, as well as eliminating all the hassles and risks of adding/replacing 2.4G antenna, amplifier, high power repeater, pigtail cable, drilling & soldering. 

Q7. Can I boost Vision+ aircraft from one device and fly FPV with another device (including Epson Moverio BT-200)?

YES. You can boost P2V+ from any device with FPV Booster app installed as long as the device is connecting to Phantom_XXXXXX network. Once P2V+ is boosted, you may either keep or disconnect the Wifi connection. As there is no simple way to install FPV Booster app on Moverio BT-200 for the time being, you are suggested to boost P2V+ from another device as a workaround. 

Q8. Why do I get a Warning message of "You have installed other apps on this Vision+ aircraft, which may have impact to FPV Booster."

FPV Booster detects some non-DJI configuration or components installed on your Vision+ aircraft, which is probably changed by user or installed by other apps. As we only test FPV Booster on stock Vision+ aircraft, the warning is due to uncertainty about any impact/conflict between FPV Booster and those non-DJI configuration or components.