FPV Camera Features (iOS)

FPV Camera is an In-App Purchase add-on in FPV Booster V3, which is developed by the official DJI SDK. It's compatible with both Phantom 2 Vision+ V2 and V3. It is optimized for both iPhone and iPad.


FPV Camera brings a complete new FPV experience for flying DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ with innovative features. However, it does not intend to replace or duplicate DJI VISION app, while certain features and settings of VISION app are excluded, such as Ground Station, Compass Calibration, Current RTH Altitude, Binding, Rename Ranger Extender SSID, etc. We prefer innovation instead of copycat. 

1. Important Notes

  • When you open the app first time after new installation or upgrade to new version, you need internet connection registering the app to DJI server once. Otherwise, there is an error message "App Register Failed: (ErrorCode: -4)". When you get this error message, make sure you have internet connection, then kill the app and reopen it again. Occasionally, this might happen when DJI registration server is down or unavailable. You may need to try the previous steps again later. 
  • When you get "App Register Failed: (ErrorCode: -10)" message after upgrade, you may need to delete and re-install the app. If you have Flight Tracker add-on and want to keep the previous flight logs, you may "Export All" flight logs to PC/Mac prior deleting the app. Please refer to Help > Flight Tracker > Features for details about export/import flight logs.
  • When you switch back-and-forth between DJI VISION app and FPV Camera, you may need to kill DJI app from memory (by double-click Home button and swipe out DJI app) because of DJI app is locking up FPV connection in the background without consideration of third-party apps. Otherwise, you may see "Phantom Connection Broken" and "Video Signal Lost" messages shown on FPV Camera screen. Unlike DJI app, FPV Camera would release the connection upon closing the app. Otherwise, the same locking up issue may also happen to DJI app. 

2. Caching Google Map

Google Map is a key component in FPV Camera for flying with both FPV and navigation map. There are 2 simple ways of caching Google Map in advance for offline use, in case you don’t have internet access in the field. Please make sure you cache the same map type (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain).

  • Open Find My Phantom (Satellite mode by default) with internet access, tap My Location icon (lower-right) to center your current location rapidly on the map. You may then zoom in/out and pan the map for caching your planned flight location.

  • Open Full Map with internet access in FPV Camera > Settings (swipe left to show Settings menu) > FPV Setting > Navigation Mode > Full Map. You may then zoom in/out and pan the map for caching. Settings icon (lower-right) is shown in Full Map to access Settings menu. 

3. Navigation Mode

All navigation modes maintain correct aspect ratio of FPV video feed regardless of screen size and resolution. There are 3 indicators (Home, Pilot, Phantom) included in Google Map with auto-zoom and auto-rotate capabilities. The indicators do not show up if they cannot be located on the map.

  • Pilot Point – Display the Pilot point and orientation of iDevice. Location Services is required, and the app needs ALLOW LOCATION ACCESS. If you are using Wi-Fi only iPad/iPad Mini (non-GPS) and willing to get accurate Pilot point, you may pair a compatible Bluetooth GPS device. If you hold your iDevice almost flat, the map or pilot orientation may keep toggling upside-down. You may try to (1) maintain an angle of holding your iDevice, (2) rotate your iDevice 180° with Home button on the left/right or (3) lock the landscape orientation of your iDevice. 
  • Home Point – When Home point is locked and shown explicitly at correct location on the map, it means you are safe to takeoff. It's easier than checking slow flashing green LEDs on the aircraft, or showing LED status in the DJI app.
  • Phantom – Current Phantom GPS location and orientation on the map.
  • Wi-Fi Wand – Helps to aim Wi-Fi antenna of range extender toward Phantom with different color for current signal strength (strong>weak, green>yellow>orange>red). It's available after takeoff and Wi-Fi Wand option enabled.
  • Auto-zoom – Both Navigation Map and Radar Map keep zooming in/out based on flying distance between Phantom and Home/Pilot.
  • Auto-rotate – The map rotates per iPhone/iPad orientation.
  • Navigation Map – Display both FPV live feed and map side-by-side. This is a better option for larger screen devices, such as iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone 6/6+. 
  • Radar Map – Display FPV live feed in full screen with small map at lower-right of the screen. This is a better option for smaller screen devices, such as iPhone 5/5S.

Radar Map on iPhone 6+ (above) and iPad (below) 

Full Screen – Display FPV live feed in full screen.

Full Map – Display full map screen and Settings icon is shown at lower-right corner to access Settings menu. 

4. Custom Warning Message (Yellow icon) 

  • Battery: Display “Low Battery” message and “beep” sound to remind battery dropping below custom defined level (Disable, 20%, 25%, 30%,35%, 40%).
  • Pilot/Home Distance: Display “Exceeding Pilot/Home Distance” message when Home and Pilot exceeding the custom defined distance (Disable, 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m). In general, the distance between Home and Pilot should not be too far away. In case of the Home point is set to somewhere far away from Pilot, it may imply incorrect GPS location of Home/Pilot.
  • Satellite: Display “Insufficient Satellite” message when the number of satellites dropping below custom defined level (Disable, 6, 7, 8, 9).
  • Speed: Display “Speeding” message when the aircraft flying faster than the custom defined limit (Disable, 39.6, 43.2, 46.8, 50.4, 54.0, 57.6, 61.2, 64.8 km/h). 

5. Alert Message (Yellow icon)

  • Displays “Wi-Fi SSID: current_connected_network" message when it's NOT connected to Phantom_XXXXXX network, and lets you know the current network (such as your home Wi-Fi network) you are connected. 
  • Display "Wi-Fi Network Lost" message when there is no Wi-Fi network connected, such as you out-fly Wi-Fi range or turn-off Wi-Fi on your iDevice.
  • Display "Video Signal Lost" message when FPV live feed dropped. 

6. Gesture Control

Gesture is available on FPV live feed screen excluding map area (as shown above in Radar Map). We minimize using solid buttons in user interface design to maximize viewable screen area. 

  • Screen Capture (one-finger swipe-right) to Camera Roll
  • Settings Menu (one-finger swipe-left)
  • Camera Tilt-up/down SLOWER (swipe up/down SHORTER and HOLD, release to stop)
  • Camera Tilt-up/down FASTER (swipe up/down LONGER and HOLD, release to stop)
  • Camera Shutter (one-finger double-tap)
  • Start/Stop Video (two-finger double-tap) or Recorder button (RED dot) 

Progressive tilting gesture allows superb control of camera tilting on iPhone/iPad screen. The new gesture is similar to tilting wheel (left dial) of DJI V3 remote controller. The more you turn, the faster the tilting. With aid of TILT GAIN option, you can further adjust tilting speed from extremely slow to super fast. 

7. Other Features

  • Auto Recording: It starts/stops video recording automatically when turning on/off motor. This is a handy feature to avoid forgetting start/stop video recording. 
  • Wi-Fi Wand: Toggle On/Off Wi-Fi Wand on the map. 
  • Battery Meter: Toggle On/Off Battery Meter to display estimated remaining flight time 99:99 (XX%) based on custom battery warning % level.
  • Auto Booster: Indicates FPV Booster activated automatically upon turning on motor, with Normal or Smart boosting options. 
  • Combine Home/Pilot Point: On Wi-Fi only (non-GPS) iPad, Pilot point is usually inaccurate. This option allows you to relocate Pilot point to Home point on the map.
  • Hide Video Time: It allows to hide/show stock video recorder timer in the background.
  • Take Photo when Recording: It allows you shooting JPEG photo (maximum resolution 1920x1080 depending on Recording Resolution option) when recording video. 
  • Grayscale: It turns Battery Meter and Wi-Fi Wand to grayscale for color deficient pilots
  • Map Type: Change of different map type (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain). Please make sure you cache the same map type.
  • Zoom Level: Adjust slider to fine tune auto-zoom level in Navigation Map and Radar Map.
  • Tilt Gain: Adjust slider to control gimbal tilting speed of progressive tilting.
  • Mode: Indicate S1 switch of NASA mode – GPS, Attitude, Failsafe, Manual
  • VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator): Indicate vertical speed of aircraft ascending (positive) or descending (negative) in m/s or ft/s.
  • Flight: Indicate flight time between the duration of motor turning on and off.
  • Find My Phantom: Display the last known location on the map with Latitude/Longitude.

Playback button to replay the last flight. Tap the red arrow to display telemetry data or tap anywhere to hide telemetry.

  • iDevice Compass Calibration: When it detects the compass of your iDevice is off >5°, it prompts for calibrating the compass. This helps to ensure correct orientation of the map.  

8. Custom Telemetry Data

FPV Camera provides up-to 12 customizable items of telemetry data in the Settings menu. 

  • Display Telemetry Data: Toggle On/Off to show custom telemetry items
  • Display Telemetry Label: Toggle On/Off to show custom telemetry labels
  • Telemetry Position: Vertical or Horizontal 

Items indicated with (Label) below are available as custom telemetry.

  • (BAT) Battery Temperature (C)
  • (BAT) Battery Temperature (F)
  • (BAT) Battery Current (A)
  • (REM) Battery Remaining Capacity (mAh)
  • (BAT) Battery Voltage (V) 
  • (CYC) Battery Discharge
  • (FUL) Battery Full Charge Capacity (mAh)
  • (LIF) Battery Life (%)
  • (BAT) Battery Level (%)
  • (PIT) Phantom Pitch 
  • (ROL) Phantom Roll
  • (YAW) Phantom Yaw
  • (SAT) Phantom Satellite
  • (ALT) Phantom Altitude (m or ft)
  • (LAT) Phantom Latitude
  • (LON) Phantom Longitude
  • (DIS) Phantom Distance (m or ft)
  • (HGT) Phantom Height (m or ft): offset altitude based on takeoff as zero
  • (SPD) Phantom Speed (km/h or mph)
  • (H.S) Phantom H.Speed (km/h or mph)
  • (V.S) Phantom V.Speed (m/s or ft/s)
  • (R.E) Range Extender Battery Level (%)
  • (W-F) Wi-Fi Signal Strength (dBm)
  • (SIZ) Camera Photo Size
  • (ISO) Camera ISO
  • (W.B) Camera White Balance
  • (EXP) Camera Exposure Metering
  • (RES) Camera Video Resolution.
  • (FOV) Camera Field of View
  • (IMG) Camera Photo Format
  • (E.V) Camera Exposure Compensation
  • (ATF) Camera Anti Flicker
  • (SHA) Camera Sharpness
  • (CON) Camera Contrast 

9. Known Issues

  • Most of infrequent use settings and features are unavailable in FPV Camera comparing to DJI Vision app (such as Compass Calibration, Current RTH Altitude, Binding, etc). Those settings are usually stored in Phantom or range extender. You may use DJI Vision app to change the settings and fly with FPV Camera inheriting those settings.
  • If you experience frequent app crash, you are suggested to disable all telemetry data or enable telemetry data one by one to identify which telemetry data caused app crash.