FPV Camera FAQ (iOS)

FPV Booster V3 includes a brand new FPV Camera add-on, which is developed by the official DJI SDK. It's compatible with both Phantom 2 Vision+ V2 and V3.  

Q1. How can I purchase FPV Camera in App Store?

FPV Camera is an In-App Purchase add-on for FPV Booster for Vision+. In-App Purchase add-ons (FPV Camera and Flight Tracker) are listed under FPV Booster V3 in both Description and In-App Purchases sections. When you open FPV Booster app and tap FPV Camera, you will be prompted “Do you want to purchase FPV Camera?” Yes/Explore/No, “Sign In to iTunes Store” OK/Cancel, “Confirm Your In-App Purchase” Buy/Cancel, and “Thank You” OK.

Q2. If I purchase FPV Camera on one device, do I need to purchase again on another device with the same iTunes account (Apple ID)?

NO. There are 2 ways to achieve this.
(1) Use Help > "Restore In-App Purchase" feature.
(2) Occasionally, "Restore In-App Purchase" option might not work well. You may go ahead to re-purchase it with the same Apple ID, and Apple would NOT charge you. When you tap FPV Camera tab, you will be prompted “Do you want to purchase FPV Camera?” Yes/No, “Confirm Your In-App Purchase” Buy/Cancel, “You’ve already purchased this. Would you like to get it again for free?” OK/Cancel, and “Thank You” OK.

Q3. Why are there some key features and settings of DJI VISION app missing in FPV Camera?

FPV Camera introduces a series of innovative new features for flying your Phantom 2 Vision+. However, it does not intend to replace or duplicate DJI VISION app, while certain features and settings of VISION app are excluded, such as Ground Station, Compass Calibration, Current RTH Altitude, Binding, Rename Ranger Extender SSID, etc. We prefer innovation instead of copycat.

Q4. Why the FPV screen is still blurry on high resolution iPad/iPhone display even with Full Screen navigation mode?

FPV screen resolution is controlled by DJI SDK and the maximum Preview Quality setting is 640x480 streaming through Wi-Fi network. This is the same Preview Quality setting as in DJI VISION app, though the FPV screen might be larger without requiring 2X on iPad screen.

Q5. Does it support Phantom 2 Vision (non-Plus)?

We have not conducted serious testing of FPV Camera on Phantom 2 Vision (non-Plus). Per our brief testing, it performs similarly well on non-Plus. However, Booster is NOT compatible with non-Plus for sure NOR camera tilting. 

Q6. Why each major feature or module of FPV Booster V3 (such as FPV Camera or Flight Tracker) requires in-app purchase?

We believe every major feature or module of in-app purchase well worth the value. We offer in-app purchase model to let you choose what features fitting your needs better now and future upgrade path in a flexible manner. We keep developing innovative features/modules as in-app purchase to bring you complete new FPV experience, as well as enhancing the existing features/modules. There are several combinations available below:

  • Booster + DJI app
  • Booster + FPV Camera
  • Booster + FPV Camera + Flight Tracker
  • DJI Ground Station + Booster + FPV Camera
  • DJI Ground Station + Booster + FPV Camera  + Flight Tracker

Q7. Why Ground Station (Waypoint), Point-Of-Interest and Follow-me features are unavailable yet in FPV Camera?

FPV Camera brings a complete new FPV experience for flying DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ with innovative features. There are other apps (including DJI VISION app) available with these features in the market. However, we do NOT intend to replace DJI VISION app or other apps, and don't see the value of duplicating similar features. We believe different apps are for different purposes. We prefer to build a solid FPV foundation instead of rushing out unstable/buggy features. We spent substantial resources developing a FPV framework to ensure correct FPV aspect ratio regardless screen size and resolution on iPhone/iPad. We think this is a fundamental requirement of a FPV app, but found most of other apps don't even care/know how to maintain correct FPV aspect ratio.