Flight Tracker Features

Flight Tracker is an In-App Purchase add-on in FPV Booster V3 and requires FPV Camera as prerequisite. It maintains all your FPV Camera flight logs at a glance with a complete automatic and transparent process WITHOUT any pilot intervention. It starts/stops logging flight data automatically upon start/stop motor, and records real time flight data in the app. 

• FPV Booster DashWare profile (Windows only) http://fpvbooster.com/static/dashware/fpv-booster.zip. You may extract and copy the XML file to Documents\DashWare\DataProfiles folder. 

A summary page shows all flight records at a glance sorted by descending order of DATE/TIME. 

Flight record summary page on iPhone 6+ (above) and iPad (below) 


Unlike other hardware/software based flight loggers, Flight Tracker does NOT require adding any weight (by installing device and cable) to your aircraft NOR consuming extra battery power or Wifi bandwidth of your aircraft. It's way cheaper, as well as much easier to install and use than any other hardware/software based flight loggers. You can review your flight records and playback flight path with telemetry data right after landing on your iDevice even without internet connection. You can also import or export flights logs to CSV files for further manipulation by third-party software (such as DashWare).   

You can play/pause, drag the slider for fast forward/backward of flight playback. Standard telemetry and custom telemetry data are shown along with the playback for analysis.



• Smart Filter: Filter abnormal flight data or show the RAW flight data without filtering

• Map Types: Normal, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain

• Aircraft Type: Display aircraft as Phantom or Arrow (by default) in animation 

• Export to CSV: Export individual flight log to CSV file located in the app Documents/export folder with file name (such as Logs-11-07-2015-05-59-1436565556.000000). 


Custom Telemetry

Similar to FPV Camera, Flight Tracker also provides up-to 12 customizable items of telemetry data. 

• Display Telemetry Data: Toggle On/Off to show custom telemetry items

• Display Telemetry Label: Toggle On/Off to show custom telemetry labels

• Telemetry Position: Vertical or Horizontal  

Items indicated with (Label) below are available as custom telemetry.

  • (Temp) Battery Temperature (C)
  • (Temp) Battery Temperature (F)
  • (Current) Battery Current (A)
  • (Remain) Battery Remaining Capacity (mAh)
  • (Voltage) Battery Voltage (V)
  • (Cycle) Battery Discharge
  • (Full) Battery Full Charge Capacity (mAh)
  • (Life) Battery Life (%)
  • (Level) Battery Level (%)
  • (Pitch) Phantom Pitch
  • (Roll) Phantom Roll
  • (Yaw) Phantom Yaw
  • (Sats) Phantom Satellite
  • (Height) Phantom Height (ft, m)
  • (Lat) Phantom Latitude
  • (Long) Phantom Longitude
  • (Dist) Phantom Distance (ft, m)
  • (Speed) Phantom Speed (mph, km/h)
  • (H.S) Phantom H.Speed (mph, km/h)
  • (V.S) Phantom V.Speed (ft/s, m/s) 

Statistic Data

  • <Amp> Battery Min/Max (A)
  • <Volt> Battery Min/Max (V)
  • <Level> Battery Min/Max (%)
  • <Sats> Satellite Min/Max 


Export All: Export all flight logs to CSV files as backup or use by third-party software (such as DashWare). Exporting each flight log requires about 10-20 seconds in average. If you have hundreds of flight logs, then it may take hours for exporting. 


The exported CSV files are located in the app Documents/export folder, which can be transferred by iTunes or third-party software (such as iFunbox, iTools). 

Import: Import all CSV files located in the app Documents/import folder to Flight Tracker. You may use iTunes or other third-party software to transfer previous exported CSV files to Documents/import folder. Successful imported CSV file will be deleted from the Documents/import folder automatically. Do NOT change the CSV file name, otherwise, you will not be able to import. 


Deletion: Swipe-left at the flight log you want to delete and tap "Delete" button. It will then prompt (Yes/No) to confirm the deletion.