Flight Tracker FAQ

FPV Booster V3 includes Flight Tracker add-on, which is developed by the official DJI SDK. It's compatible with both Phantom 2 Vision+ V2 and V3. 

Q1. How can I purchase Flight Tracker in App Store?

Flight Tracker is an In-App purchase module. In order to purchase Flight Tracker, you need to acquire FPV Camera module in advance. If you don't own FPV Camera, you will be prompted "Flight Tracker requires FPV Camera module. Please in-app purchase FPV Camera before purchasing Flight Tracker", Yes/No

When you tap Flight Tracker tab, you will be prompted “Do you want to purchase Flight Tracker?” Yes/Explore/No, “Sign In to iTunes Store”OK/Cancel, “Confirm Your In-App Purchase” Buy/Cancel, and “Thank You” OK.


Q2. If I purchase Flight Tracker on one device, do I need to purchase again on another device with the same iTunes account (Apple ID)?

NO. There are 2 ways to achieve this.
(1) Use "Restore In-App Purchase" function in About tab.

(2) When you tap Flight Tracker tab, you will be prompted “Do you want to purchase Flight Tracker?” Yes/No, “Confirm Your In-App Purchase”Buy/Cancel, “You’ve already purchased this. Would you like to get it again for free?” OK/Cancel, and “Thank You” OK.  

Q3. If I want to fly with DJI VISION app or other third-party apps, can Flight Tracker log my flight records?

NO. Flight Tracker is designed to work in conjunction with FPV Camera only. 

Q4. Does it support Phantom 2 Vision (non-Plus)?

We have not conducted serious testing on Phantom 2 Vision (non-Plus). Per our brief testing, it performs similarly well on non-Plus.  

Q5. What's the advantage of Flight Tracker comparing to other hardware based flight logger, such as Flytrex Core?

Flight Tracker does NOT need any hardware installation, without adding any extra weight (device and cable) and power consumption, on your P2V+ aircraft. It stores real time flight data in the app, and you can review flight records and playback flight path with telemetry data right after landing even without internet connection. Besides logging flight telemetry data (such as distance, altitude, speed, satellite, latitude/longitude, etc.), Flight Tracker could further log battery and gimbal data (such as battery voltage, current, remaining capacity, gimbal tilt/roll angle, etc.) for analysis.