Mission Planner FAQ

• Please refer to Mission Planner Tutorials section as a quick start guide.

Q1. What's the startup procedure for connecting FPV Camera to DJI drone?

  1. Optional - Open FPV Camera app with internet connection to cache map data for offline use, if necessary.
  2. Optional - Turn ON Airplane Mode on iPhone/iPad, or enable Wi-Fi only for Phantom 3 Standard/4K. DJI SDK keeps sending significant amount of data back to China when there is an internet connection, which drains more iPhone/iPad battery, network/mobile data and other resources.
  3. Shutdown (double-click home button and swipe out) both DJI GO/GO 4 and FPV Camera apps, as well as all other third-party DJI SDK apps.
  4. Turn on aircraft and remote controller with USB cable connected to your iPhone/iPad.
  5. Open FPV Camera app to prepare takeoff.

Q2. If RC signal lost or app crashed/quit accidentally during waypoint mission, will the mission continue?
A2. RC signal lost is a common issue likely due to RF interference, antenna orientation, far distance or signal blocked by obstacle. When RC signal lost or app crashed/quit accidentally during a mission, the mission will continue until reaching the last waypoint. If you set Finish action to RTH in Setup tab, aircraft will RTH and auto-landing. This is usually safer than aircraft RTH or hover upon signal lost. Imagine, when you fly behind an obstacle (such as a tall building) blocking RF signal then the aircraft executing RTH, RTH altitude might not set high enough to avoid hitting the obstacle.

Q3. When the aircraft is running low of battery, will the mission continue?
A3. When aircraft reaches Low Battery RTH level during a mission, it will abort the mission and perform standard RTH procedures. You may cancel RTH and take over the control.

Q4. Why do I get "Aircraft's altitude is too high" error message?
A4. If you set any waypoint higher than "Set maximum flight altitude" in DJI GO app, you will get this message upon uploading the mission. You may either increase "Set maximum flight altitude" in DJI GO or lower the waypoint height. 

Q5. Why do I get "Condition not met" message when I press Start and upload a mission?
A5. When you start to upload a mission, aircraft would verify all preset conditions and criteria are met. If there is any invalid value or condition set, you will get this message and need to rectify it before uploading again.

Q6, Why do I get "Condition is not satisfied" message when I press Stop, Pause or Resume?
A6. Before mission started or after mission completed, you can't Stop, Pause or Resume the mission. When aircraft reached the last waypoint, the mission is completed even it's on the way of RTH, while RTH is not part of the mission. 

Q7. Does Mission Planner require GPS based iPad?
A7. NO. Mission Planner works fine on both Wifi only or GPS equipped iPad, though all iPhone comes with GPS built-in. For Wifi only iPad, you may enable "Combine Home/Pilot Point" in Settings to group pilot point and home point together.

Q8. Does Mission Planner require internet connection?
A8. Mission Planner only requires internet connection for caching Google Map. Once you cache necessary map data in the app, you may plan and fly missions without internet connection. Please refer to Settings > Navigation Map > Caching Navigation Map for details.

Q9. Can I change speed of each individual waypoint?
A9. NO, mission speed is set per entire mission instead of individual waypoint. However, you may use RC pitch forward/backward to speed up or slow down during mission flight. In general, we recommend to set a lower speed mission and use RC pitching forward to speed up the mission whenever necessary. Please refer to Mission Planner Tutorial - Waypoints RC Speed & Yaw Control for details.

Q10. How can I share a mission file to/from friends?
A10. You may also share your mission files with your friends via email in Review tab. If you receive mission files emailed from your friends as email attachment, you may copy/transfer the files to the app Documents/waypoints folder and open the mission as a normal mission file. Please refer to Mission tab for details.

Q11. Do I need cellular or GPS services on my iOS device?
A11. NO. Once you cache Google Map of mission location, you don't need cellular service for flying a mission. For caching Google Map, you may open a mission, then zoom in/out and pan the map. Make sure you cache the same Map Type (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain) as needed. If you use Wi-Fi only (without GPS) iPad, you may enable "Combine Home/Pilot Point" in Settings | Navigation Map menu. This option allows you to relocate pilot point to home point. 

Q12. Can I use RC throttle stick to control aircraft altitude (left stick up/down) or roll stick to control left/right (right stick left/right) during waypoint mission?
A12. NO. This is by design and safety concerns of DJI flight controller and firmware. Once you upload and start a waypoint mission, you cannot change aircraft altitude nor fly left/right during mission. It ensures consistent flight path regardless when you fly the same mission repeatedly, or how you yaw (left stick left/right) and speed up/down (right stick up/down) the aircraft. However, you may switch to P-mode on RC at any given time to abort a mission and take over control.

Q13. If RC signal lost or app crashed/quit accidentally during orbit mission, will the mission continue?
A13. RC signal lost is a common issue in orbit mission when you orbit behind obstacle (such as a tall building). When RC signal lost or app crashed/quit accidentally during a mission, the mission will continue orbiting. However, you should maintain good RC signal at orbit Entry point to let the app count number of revolutions and control Finish action (Hover or RTH). This is usually safer than aircraft RTH or hover upon signal lost. 

Q14. Why panorama shots are a bit slow?
A14. The app measures each panorama shot bearing angle precisely. All panorama shots are taken within +/- 2° to ensure steadiness and successful stitching. Continuous shooting RAW and JPEG photos also require certain time to write the files to micro-SD card depending on the card speed.

Q15. If I start a waypoint/orbit mission, can I switch from Mission Planner to FPV Goggles or Camera mode to view the flight?
A15. Yes, once you upload and start the mission, aircraft will fly autonomously. You can switch to FPV Goggles or Camera mode to watch FPV live video of the flight. Aircraft yaw (heading) is still controlled by the mission. However, camera Auto-Tilt (auto-focus) will be disabled when you quit Mission Planner. You may use gimbal dial (left wheel) to control camera tilting manually.