Pano-WP Setup

Panorama Waypoint (Pano-WP) mission allows you to program one or multiple 360° panorama and 360°x180° spherical panorama shots in conjunction with waypoints within a single mission. This is a very efficient way to plan and shoot multiple pano per battery. Per our testing on Mavic Pro, each battery is capable to shoot 5 spherical pano (32 images each  with 4 rows x 8 columns) and each pano is about 500m apart in average.

You need to define at least 1 panorama shot in Pano-WP mission. Tap > button to proceed next optional Waypoint step upon Panorama setup completion. 

• Add Panorama - Tap on the map to set one or multiple waypoints for panorama shots. Use Height slider or -/+ buttons to adjust the panorama height that is a relative height to home point.

• Camera Angle - Adjust gimbal tilting angle from +30°/0° to -90° with slider or -/+ buttons, while 0° and -90° represent camera tilting horizontal and straight down respectively. If you need to set camera angle larger than 0° (camera tilting up), you need to enable Gimbal Pitch Limit (30 degrees moving up) in DJI GO app. You may expect to capture aircraft propellers and front arms in photos if you set camera angle to +30°.

• Photos: 6/8/18/19/24/25/Custom represent panorama mode as below. Panorama mode (total photos taken or Custom) is also shown at lower-right corner of each Panorama icon. Please refer to Panorama & Fly for various configurations.

• Select Panorama - Tap an existing Panorama on the map to select it for changing height or deletion.

• Move Panorama - Tap-and-hold an existing Panorama (until the map shift-up a bit) then drag it on the map to required location.

• Coordinate: You can enter (adjust) a precise coordinate manually with standard Latitude,Longitude format.

• Delete: Delete a selected Panorama.  

Waypoint tab in Pano-WP mission is similar to standard Waypoint, but it's an optional step. It allows you inserting waypoints only BEFORE the selected Panorama, in case you cannot fly straight to the required panorama location.

Pano-WP Fly

• Start - Start flying to panorama waypoint location. It will change from F-WP (P3/I1) or WP (P4/Mavic/I2) mode to Panorama mode upon reaching panorama location and start shooting. For insufficient RC signal (<50), it will prompt "Weak RC signal, cannot start Panorama" and abort the mission.

• Stop - Abort the mission and hovering to let pilots take over control.

• Additional panorama status is shown in Fly tab during panorama shots.

  • Pano X: Current panorama in the mission
  • X/Y: Current photo / Total required photos
  • Bearing: Required bearing of next panorama shot / Current aircraft bearing
  • Tilting: Camera tilting angle

• After shooting EACH panorama, it will prompt to "Continue?" shooting the next panorama. You may select Next or Cancel.

  • Next: Fly to the next panorama location and continue shooting programmed panorama.
  • Cancel: Abort the mission and let pilots take over control.
  • Once the last panorama completed, it will prompt "Pano Completed" and change from "Panorama" to F-GPS (P3/I1) or GPS (P4/Mavic/I2) mode to let you take over control automatically. 


  • In windy condition, you might get "Mission Aborted" message when aircraft reached panorama point. If it keeps shooting panorama as usual, you may ignore such message. 
  • All panorama shots are controlled by the app via RC in real time. If RC control signal lost, it would NOT shoot any panorama.
  • In case you cannot toggle view between map and FPV by tapping on the small window, you may click C2 button on RC for toggling.