This step is used for setting one or more targets you want to focus in Target WP mission only. You need to define at least 1 target in Target WP mission. Tap > button to proceed next Waypoint step upon Target setup completion.

• Add Target - Tap on the map to set one or multiple targets. Use Height slider or -/+ buttons to adjust the target height. Target height is a relative height to home point, and used for Auto-Tilt gimbal control to focus the targets.

• Select Target - Tap an existing target on the map to select it for changing height or deletion.

• Move Target - Tap-and-hold an existing target (until the map shift-up a bit) then drag it on the map to required location. Once a target is moved, the orientation of all aiming waypoints would be changed accordingly.

Mission Planner - Target Step

• Delete: Delete a selected target.  

• Coordinate: You can enter (adjust) a precise coordinate manually with standard Latitude,Longitude format.