Camera FAQ

Q1. What's the startup procedure for connecting FPV Camera to DJI drone?

  1. Optional - Open FPV Camera app with internet connection to cache map data for offline use, if necessary.
  2. Optional - Turn ON Airplane Mode on iPhone/iPad, or enable Wi-Fi only for Phantom 3 Standard/4K. DJI SDK keeps sending significant amount of data back to China when there is an internet connection, which drains more iPhone/iPad battery, network/mobile data and other resources.
  3. Shutdown (double-click home button and swipe out) both DJI GO/GO 4 and FPV Camera apps, as well as all other third-party DJI SDK apps.
  4. Turn on aircraft and remote controller with USB cable connected to your iPhone/iPad.
  5. Open FPV Camera app to prepare takeoff.

Q2. What's the requirements of using FPV Camera app?

Please refer to Requirements section for details.

Q3. Can FPV Camera replace DJI GO app?

FPV Camera is developed by the official DJI SDK. However, it does not intend to replace or duplicate DJI GO app, while certain features and settings are excluded. Most of these settings (such as MC Settings, RC Settings, Image Transmission Setting, Aircraft Battery, Gimbal Param Settings, etc.) are stored on aircraft, camera, remote controller or battery. Once you set them with DJI GO app, you can fly with FPV Camera inheriting those parameters.

Q4. Why upper/lower telemetry text characters are squeezed together on 4.7" iPhone 6/6s?

Check and set iOS 9 under Settings > Display & Brightness > View (Display Zoom) to "Standard" instead of "Zoomed".  

Q5. The app doesn't have Auto-Takeoff and Auto-Landing buttons, like DJI GO app. How can I start motors to take off and stop motors after landed?

We don't recommend using Auto-Takeoff and Auto-Landing buttons due to safety concerns. You may refer to DJI user manual "Starting/Stopping the Motors" for details. However, we recommend to stop motors by pulling throttle stick (left stick on mode 2) all the way down for 3-5 seconds after landed.