How to record DJI GO screen on iOS 9 with AirShou?

Screen recording is a good way to record the entire DJI GO app screen, especially when something went wrong. We used Shou app for screen recording on iOS 7/8 with non-jailbroken devices - How to record iPhone FPV Camera video on iOS 7/8 with Shou? Unfortunately, Shou no longer works on iOS 9.

FPV Camera app has Screen Recorder build-in to record screen operations. However, DJI GO app doesn't come with a screen recorder. How can I record DJI GO screen on iOS 9? You may use AirShou (via AirPlay) to record entire DJI GO screen operation on the same device with the procedures below.

Note: You might experience video feed lagging if your iOS device is under power to handle both DJI GO and AirShou concurrently.

AirShou Installation

• Install AirShou by opening URL or in Safari of your iPhone/iPad. AirShou is distributed by iOS enterprise program instead of iTunes. Thus, the app is NOT available in App Store. In some countries, you can get the app installed right away. Some countries may require invite code and you can try AirShou Codes.


• Trust the app in iOS Settings > General > Device Management 



• Install Shou.TV app from iTunes App Store and login Shou.TV app with either your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account. We are not interested in using Shou.TV app but it's a prerequisite of using AirShou. Anyway, this is an one-off login process.

Use AirShou for Screen Recording

• Open AirShou to select "Record"


• Choose proper "Orientation" and "Resolution"


• Tap "Next step" and it will prompt you accessing the microphone.


• You need to accept it by "OK". This is an one-off step.


• Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center and tap AirPlay. 


• Select AirShou and enable Mirroring, then tap "Done" 


• It will return back to previous screen and start screen recording with a timer counting. 


• You can switch to DJI GO app now to prepare takeoff. After landing, you need to open AirShou again and "STOP" recording.

 • You may then tap the MP4 video and "Save to Camera Roll" for further copying, editing or sharing as usual. You are recommended to save video file to Camera Roll as soon as when you are done, in case the app blocked by Apple or whatever reasons it doesn't work any longer.