iCloud Sync

This is a handy feature to synchronize mission files to iCloud as backup and update missions across multiple iOS devices. You can edit (add/change/delete) mission files on any device even without internet connection. All changes will be synchronized back to iCloud when you are online and updated to other devices. Occasionally after deletion of mission files, some mission files are restored back or generated redundant files after deletion. You may wait a few minutes then delete those unwanted files again.

In order to use iCloud Sync, you need to verify the followings in iOS Settings.

  • Upgrade to the latest iCloud Drive
  • Login iCloud with your Apple ID
  • Enable iCloud Drive
  • Enable FPV Camera app using iCloud Drive

By default, "Use Mobile Data" option in iCloud Drive is disabled in order to save mobile network traffic. Thus, it would NOT sync with mobile network unless Wi-Fi connection available. Occasionally, iCloud Drive takes tens of minutes (even hours) to update depending on iOS. You may check "Last update" time as shown above.