Tap a planned home point on the map for preliminary calculation. You may tap any location on the map for moving the only home point. When you have connected to aircraft and located an actual home point, the home point will be updated on the map accordingly. Tap > button to proceed next step upon Setup completion. 

• Finish: Define Finish action upon completion of the mission, which would affect preliminary calculation figures in Review tab. If Revolution set to Unlimited, Finish action will not be triggered.

  • Hover (default): Aircraft Hover upon completion of preset number of revolutions (1 to 5).
  • RTH: Aircraft RTH (Return-To-Home) and land automatically after completion of mission.

• Heading: Define aircraft orientation flying along orbit mission

  • Forward: Fly heading forward 
  • Backward: Fly reversing backward 
  • POI (Point-Of-Interest, default): Fly facing inward toward POI 
  • Outward: Fly facing outward of POI
  • RC: Control aircraft heading by RC yaw joystick
  • Initial: Fly heading toward initial angle upon orbit mission start 

• Revolution: Define number of revolutions from 1 to 5 and Unlimited, default value is 3.


• POI Height: Use slider or -/+ buttons to adjust the POI height. POI height is a relative height to home point, and used for Auto-Tilt gimbal control to focus the POI automatically.

• Height: Toggle to show/hide the height of both POI and orbit on the map. Occasionally, you might want to turn this off if the map is toggled to small window.  


Tap a planned POI on the map for preliminary calculation. You may tap any location on the map to set POI, or tap-and-hold an existing POI (until the map shift-up a bit) then drag it on the map to required location.

• Radius: Configurable between 5m (17ft) to 500m (1,640ft) and default value is 50m (164ft).

• Speed: Define the required speed depending on the radius. You may use either slider (iPad only) or -/+ buttons to adjust the speed accordingly. Additional measurement units of seconds per revolution and degree per second are also available (iPad only) for reference.

• Height: Configurable between 5m (17ft) to 120m (394ft) and default value is 30m (98ft).

• Entry Point: Point of starting orbit mission

  • North
  • South
  • West
  • East
  • Nearest

• CW/CCW: Flying orbit mission in clockwise or counter-clockwise

• Distance: Show/hide distance of the followings.

  • Home point and Entry point
  • Radius

• When you fly an orbit mission, you may use both joysticks to further control aircraft in real-time as below.

  • Radius: Right stick forward/backward
  • Speed: Right stick left/right
  • Height: Left stick forward/backward
  • Heading: Left stick left/right when Heading = RC 


  • The number of Revolution and Finish action (Hover or RTH) are controlled by the app. Thus, you should maintain good RC signal at Entry point.
  • Orbit mission might have conflict with Screen Recorder. You are NOT recommended to use Screen Recorder during Orbit mission.