3D Model Generation

For generating 3D models, you may login and upload photos to http://aerial3d360.com cloud service with steps below.  


  • Fly & capture required photos with FPV Camera app 3D Model by following the Guidelines & Tips section.
  • Copy required 3D model JPG photo files shot by FPV Camera from SD card to your PC/Mac.
  • Remove (do NOT upload) ANY blurry or over/under exposure photos. Otherwise, they might ruin your models by providing "bad" data.
  • Avoid editing the photos. If you really want to edit photos, make sure to keep GPS (Latitude/Longitude) information. Photos without geotagged couldn't be used to generate 3D model.


  • Avoid object containing reflective, shiny, transparent surface (such as glass or water) and thin frame. Those surfaces or thin frames are unlikely be re-constructed with photogrammetry.
  • It is limited to upload 40 to 200 photos per model shot by DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 4 or Inspire 1 in beta testing stage. You may select and use 60-80 photos per level for optimal performance.
  • Only Preview and Standard quality are available during beta testing stage. Preview quality is mainly used for setting model size (with 4 markers on Google Map) and having a quick look of your model. Standard quality is for web browsing and sharing with better performance. If you shot any favorite models and want better quality build, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.including your Model ID. 

1. Sign Up


  • Sign up at http://aerial3d360.com to start using the Aerial3D360 cloud service for generating 3D models.
  • Coupon Code is a 7-character code located in FPV Camera app v3.2 (or above) under Help > Other section. 
  • You will receive an activation email and please click the email link to activate your account.
  • Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if any questions or issues. 

2. Login

3. Create Project

Project is a container for holding a set of photos, Model Name and Description.

  • Click CREATE PROJECT button (upper-right corner) to create a new project.
  • Enter Model Name and Description accordingly, then click SAVE
  • You can edit Model Name and Description later if necessary.

4. Upload Images

  • You may either click Upload files button or drag-and-drop image files to the drop area for uploading image files.
  • You are allowed to upload 40 to 200 geotagged image files for building 3D models. 

  • Select required JPG photo files to upload, then click Open button.
  • If you want to select only half of photos, set the explorer window to 2 columns width (shown above). Drag all the way down to select only 1 column of photos. If you want to select one-third of photos, set the explorer window to 3 columns width then select only 1 column of photos. This is a quick way to select dozens of photos from hundreds of files.

  • Wait and monitor the upload progress indicator (cyan bar) until the process completed.
  • Upload process might take tens of minutes to hours depending on your internet connection and number of photos.
  • Do NOT close or leave this browser page upon completion of uploading all selected files. Otherwise, the upload will be stopped.
  • If you split the upload into multiple batches, you may continue the upload later. 

5. Create Preview Model

You can create multiple models for each project with various settings on the same set of photos. 


  • 4 markers are enclosing red dots flight path by default on Google Map. You may leave the markers at default location for the first Preview model.
  • Drag the 4 markers to set the model size on Google Map and/or change orientation. 
  • If you set the model size too small, it might not have sufficient faces/vertices to build a 3D model. If you set the model size too large, it will cover larger area but lower the resolution of the model.  
  • You can toggle between Normal and Satellite map view. 

  • You can click BUILD button to submit the Preview order.
  • BUILD button of Standard quality is disabled until you have built a Preview model.
  • If you don't have 40 to 200 images uploaded, then BUILD button is disabled and with a message "Please upload 40 to 200 photos with valid GPS geotagged for generating 3D model."

  • Once you have submitted an order successfully, you will get a Congratulations message.
  • You will also receive an email notification when the model is ready.


  • There are several statuses (1) Created, (2) Queuing and (3) Processing showing up in the model.
  • Occasionally, you might see Cancelled or Error status due to photos couldn't be processed.
  • Please be patient, it will take 30-60 minutes to generate (Processing) a Preview quality model depending on number of photos. You might need to queue up (Queuing) if there is more demand than the current service capacity. 

  • You will receive an email notification with View Model link upon 3D model successfully processed.
  • A thumbnail will show up and you can click the thumbnail to view the model as shown below.
  • You can also click Edit/Upload Photo button to build another Preview model in case you want to adjust the size and other parameters of the model.

5. Create Better Quality Model

After review the Preview model, you may want to build a better quality model for web browsing, sharing or presentation. 


  • Click Get Better Quality button on model thumbnail.
  • BUILD button of Standard is enabled, while the BUILD button of Preview is disabled. 
  • Click BUILD of Standard to generate a Standard Quality model. 

Crop Images by Batch

Each 3D Model mission might shoot hundreds of photos, and each 12M pixels (4000x3000) JPG image file shot by DJI platform is about 5 MB. If you shot 200 photos and upload them all as is, then you may need to upload total 1 GB files. It might take hours to upload depending on your internet connection. 

In many occasions, the shooting object might occupy only a small portion of the photo area. You may consider to crop all the photos in such level (but maintain photo quality without compression) by batch with your favorite image editor, such as GIMP or Photoshop. We used GIMP plug-in to automate the process of cropping hundreds of photos by batch with Batch Image Manipulation Plugin. You can easily cut half of the upload time and internet traffic charge (if you are not with unlimited plan) by this simple process without sacrificing the quality. There are 2 samples below.


Sample 1: Original photo (above) is 4000x3000 and the cropped photo (below) is 2250x3000


Sample 2: Original photo (above) is 4000x3000 and the cropped photo (below) is 3000x2250