You would spend most of the time on this step for planning your autonomous waypoints flight in Waypoint and Target-WP missions, and Waypoint Panel is shown on the right of screen. Tap > button to proceed next Review step upon waypoints setup completion.

• If you plan to fly in mountain area with various elevation, please refer to Terrain Elevation for additional information.

• Add Waypoint - Tap on the map to set waypoints. The minimum and maximum distance between adjacent waypoints are from 2m to 2,000m. For Target-WP mission, each waypoint is heading toward the corresponding target (Target 1 by default) automatically. New added waypoint inherits height, bearing and focusing target from the previous waypoint.  

• Select Waypoint - Tap an existing waypoint to select it for changing attributes in Waypoint Panel. 

• Move Waypoint - Tap-and-hold an existing waypoint (until the map shift-up) then drag it on the map to required location.

• Preliminary Calculation (depending on Finish action of RTH or Hover in Setup tab). All these calculations are based on optimistic conditions for reference only. Please refer to Review tab for details.

  • Max. WP
  • Travel
  • Time
  • Battery
  • Speed
  • Total WP

• Height (Adjust): Adjust the height (up to +/- 100m/328ft) by batch of all waypoints and targets. When you click Adjust button, you will be prompted "Are you sure to adjust height XXX m/ft of ALL waypoints and targets?" with Cancel/Apply buttons. It is common to change home point in the field against planning stage. Once home point is changed with different elevation, you may want to adjust/offset the height of waypoints and targets all together.  

• Show Distance - Show/hide distance of selected waypoint as shown in the screenshot below (highlighted waypoint-3).

  • Selected waypoint and the previous waypoint, 228m from waypoint-3 to waypoint-2.
  • Selected waypoint and the next waypoint, 200m from waypoint-3 to waypoint-4
  • Selected waypoint and the focusing target (Target-WP only), 196m from waypoint-3 to target-1.

Mission Planner - Waypoints Step

Waypoint Panel

  • Waypoint: Indicate the current highlighted waypoint on the map.
  • Height: Set waypoint height from -200m (-656ft) to 500m (1640ft), and the default height is 30m (98ft). 
  • Bearing: Set the orientation of each waypoint. This setting is only available with Heading mode is set to WP in Setup tab, or Heading aims to Null in Waypoint Panel. If Heading is set to a target in Waypoint Panel, then Bearing is calculated automatically and disabled.
  • CW/CCW: Set aircraft yawing CW (clockwise) or CCW (counter clockwise) to the next waypoint. This setting is only enabled in Waypoint mission and Heading is set to WP in Setup tab, or Heading set to Null in Target WP mission. 
  • Heading: Select a target from Target List for the waypoint to aim. Once you set a target, the waypoint is always aiming the target even you move the target around afterward. This is only available in Target WP mission. You may set a Null target to enable Bearing and CW/CCW option. Auto-Tilt would not be engaged in these particular waypoints with Null target. This is useful when you want to control gimbal tilting manually on certain waypoints. 
  • Coordinate: You can enter (adjust) a precise coordinate manually with standard Latitude,Longitude format.
  • +WP, WP+: Select to insert a waypoint before/after the current selected waypoint, then tap on the map to insert a waypoint. All onward waypoints will be re-numbered and preliminary calculation will be re-calculated accordingly. 
  • Delete: Delete a selected waypoint. All onward waypoints will be re-numbered and preliminary calculation will be re-calculated accordingly.  
  • Add Action: Add one or more actions upon reaching a particular waypoint with maximum 15 actions. This option is only available for Corner mode is Straight. Available actions are Wait 3s, Take Photo, Start Record, Stop Record, Rotate Aircraft, Gimbal Pitch. Swipe-left in Action list to delete an action. Each Wait 3s action would pause for 3 seconds, and you may add multiple Wait 3s actions to pause longer. If you set curved Corner (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) after adding actions, those actions will be ignored.

    If you set Gimbal Pitch angle, you should turn off Auto-Tilt (Target-WP) in Fly tab to avoid conflict.

Pano-WP (Panorama-Waypoint)

For Pano-WP mission, Waypoint is an optional step. It allows you inserting waypoints BEFORE selected Panorama, in case you cannot fly straight to the required Panorama location. Most of settings in Waypoint Panel are disabled in Pano-WP. Waypoint numbering is associated with panorama point. For example, the first WP-1 behind panorama point 3 is numbered as waypoint 3.1 as shown below, and the next WP-2 is numbered as waypoint 3.2.