3D Model Samples

Several 3D model samples are shot by FPV Camera and generated by Aerial3D360.com with different quality as shown below. You may view the 3D models with Orbit view from different angle after it's loaded by pressing the play button.

For Windows/Mac/Linux:

  • Rotate: hold-and-drag left/right/up/down with left mouse button 
  • Pan: hold-and-drag left/right/up/down with right mouse button or Shift + left mouse button
  • Zoom: scroll mouse wheel or Ctrl + left mouse button
  • Zoom on object: Double-click on object
  • Zoom out: Double-click on background

For mobile device:

  • Rotate: 1-finger drag left/right/up/down
  • Pan: 2-finger drag left/right/up/down
  • Zoom: normal zoom in/out gesture
  • Zoom on object: Double-tap on object
  • Zoom out: Double-tap on background

Statue with Standard quality (above) and Preview quality (below) are shown for easy comparison. Preview is good for quick look to briefly understand the model. Standard is good for web sharing and presentation without requiring much details and textures.


Statue (above) with High quality provides a lot more details and textures. It's built from the same set of photos. It's good for download and 3D printing. It takes longer to load and requires more computing power to process. Mobile/tablet might not have sufficient power to display in HD.


Dolphin statue (Standard quality) 

Multi-story building (Standard quality)

Gold Coast Hotel (Standard quality)