3D Model Tutorial - Building

Shooting 3D model of a house or multi-story building is fairly straight forward. You may consider to shoot 1 level for a house with tilt angle 25°-40°. For multi-story building, you may set 2 levels to cover both low oblique angle (20°-30°) and high oblique angle (45°-60°). Low oblique is mainly used to cover side view and high oblique is used to cover top view of the object. 

The sample hotel building is about 70m (230ft) height with 18 floors. The model was shot with 2 levels configuration below. We don't expect crystal clear photos shooting from 110m (360ft) away from the target. If you need better quality of particular area, you may fly closer to that area and shoot additional 4-8 photos from different angle.  

In order to pin the target at center of the building, use of Normal map view is usually easier than Satellite view without affecting by satellite photos angle.

Level 1 Configuration:

  • Aircraft height 80m (262ft)
  • Medium speed (10.4km/h, 4 Min/Rev)
  • Shot 118 photos, use 59 photos (~1/2)
  • Radius 110m (361ft), might get slightly better result if we shoot closer (say 100m) 
  • Target height 30m (98ft)
  • Tilt angle 24°

Level 2 Configuration:

  • Aircraft height 110m (361ft)
  • Medium speed (9.0km/h, 4 Min/Rev)
  • Shot 116 photos, use 58 photos (~1/2)
  • Radius 90m (295ft)
  • Target height 15m (49ft)
  • Tilt angle 45°

If you compare the Standard quality of the model above (used total 235 photos for 205.9k faces) and the one below (used total 118 photos for 183.2k faces), they are almost identical though only half photos used for generating the model below. Thus, we recommend to use 60-80 photos per level.