When you have completed setup of waypoints, this step let you review the settings, save the mission or share with friends by email. You may go back to previous steps for adjusting settings if necessary. Tap > button to proceed Fly tab to prepare and start the mission flight. 

• Preliminary Calculation (depending on Finish action of RTH or Hover in Setup tab). All these calculations are based on optimistic conditions for reference only. When you have connected to aircraft and located an actual home point, the home point will be updated on the map and estimated figures are recalculated accordingly.

  • Max. WP: The farthest waypoint and distance from home point
  • Travel: Total travel distance (including from home point to the first waypoint) should NOT more than 30km. If Finish set to RTH, it also includes the distance from the last waypoint back to home point. 
  • Time: Estimated flight time of the whole mission 
  • Battery: Estimated battery % required of the whole mission 
  • Speed: Cruising speed in Setup tab
  • Total WP: Total number of waypoints 
  • Max. Dis (Orbit): The farthest distance from home point
  • Revolution (Orbit): The number of revolution per orbit Setup. If it's set to Unlimited, Travel, Time and Battery will be shown as N/A.

Mission Planner - Review Step

• Save - Save to existing mission or save as a new mission file for future use, like a document file. If you want to rename a mission, you may "Save as" a new file name and delete the original one in Mission tab.

• Email - You need to setup a valid email account on your device and save the mission. Mission file will be sent as a file attachment in the email. When you receive an email with mission file attached, you may save/copy the attachment to the app Documents/waypoints folder and open in Mission tab. Mission file can be transferred by iTunes or third-party software (such as iFunbox, iTools).

Copy to FPV Camera for DJI: For direct copying mission files to FPV Camera app, you may tap (or tap-and-hold) on email attachment and select "Copy to FPV Camera for DJI". It will then open FPV Camera app. If the copied mission file doesn't show up in the Mission list, you may need to quit Mission Planner and re-open it to take effect. If there is a mission file with the same file name in Mission Planner, it will be overwritten.

 • Mission - Current mission file name, or it's blank if you haven't saved a new mission.